Seminars & Workshops


Personal Groups

Get together a group of friends, mom-group, colleagues, book club, etc. and have a relaxed evening of healthy education and inspiration! Pick a topic that you would like to learn more about and I’ll come teach you in the comfort of your own preferred space!


Corporate Wellness

Bring health and wellness to your next office luncheon and have Real Nutrition teach and inspire your employees to live a healthier life.


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Popular Topics:

  • “Avoiding ‘Cubicle Cough’: Strengthening your Immune System”
  • “10 Steps to a Healthy Diet”
  • “Balanced Lunches & Satisfying Snacks”
  • “Digestion: the Cornerstone of Health”
  • “Thriving in the Office: Achieving Goals and Good Health”
  • “How to Detox Safely”
  • “Omega 3’s – What are they and why are they so Essential?”
  • “Managing Stress in the Modern Workday”
  • “Starting the Gluten-Free Life”

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