Nutritional Consultations

Getting healthy takes time and is more than just dieting.  I find a unique program that will work for your body and your lifestyle. It is important to have regular meetings to allow me to see how things are going and adjust your program to ensure we are making progress to your goals. It will also allow both of use to learn about your habits and your body. As every individual is unique there may be twists and turns in your journey to improve your health and regular meetings will ensure we can address these and keep you on the path to a new healthier you!

Ultimately, the goal of us working together is to achieve your health goals and to get you to a place where you can maintain a healthy lifestyle yourself.


FREE 15 Minute Consultation

This is a time for us to meet and chat to make sure we’ll make a good fit. We will discuss your goals and concerns and I will provide you with a few forms to fill out so I am familiar with your health background and what your current diet looks like. This would also be a great time to discuss your food preferences, so I can develop a plan for you that works for you!

Initial Consultation

In this initial consultation we discuss your health. I will gather more information from you to ensure I have a full picture of your current health profile. I will have gone over the forms you’ve filled out for me and the notes from our first consultation. This will allow me to give you your first recommendations as I will have started a plan that is tailored to you.

Follow-up Consultation

In each follow up consultation we will review  the previous recommendations. We will determine if they are working, update them if needed and/or give new ones to continue to work towards a goal.

Contact us for pricing inquiries and other questions!

 Program Packages

Digestive Restoration Program

Suffering from gas,bloating, indigestion, heartburn, constipation, candida or more?

 If you feel your digestion isn’t tip-top this is the program for you! Pick the length of program  and we will tailor a program to restore your digestive system and have you feeling your very best once and for all.

Your Digestive Restoration Program includes a personalized dietary program, take home notes & resources, personalized supplement repair recommendations, ongoing one on one communication and support, and more.

other                8 week program (Initial Consultation + 3 Follow-ups) phenergan medicine to buy   –   $300

amitone 10 price                12 week program (Initial Consultation + 5 Follow-ups)   –   $400


Prenatal Nutritional Start Program

Whether you are just thinking about starting a family or are already there you know there’s nothing more important than proper nutrition to ensure you have a happy, healthy baby.

Let Real Nutrition give you the piece of mind to know you are properly nourishing that little one growing inside you! The Prenatal Nutritional Start Program includes 3 sessions (Initial Consultation + 2 follow-ups) where you will learn how to ensure you are eating a well balanced diet that will provide all the nutrients your little one needs, as well as supplements that you should be taking, and tips on how to help relieve those wonderful pregnancy symptoms. You will also get take-home notes and resources, and more!

               5 week program – $250


Postnatal Mama & Baby Care Program

Congratulations on you new little bundle! You might be noticing that all eyes (including your own) are now on that tiny little baby – and mama has been forgotten.

Give yourself the gift of care and attention while helping you nourishing your little one. Postnatal nutrition is just as important to make sure you have enough energy to care for yourself as well as your little one. Your Postnatal Mama & Baby Care Program includes 3 sessions you will learn to balance your nutritional intake to ensure adequate milk supply, lose that baby weight, boost energy levels and more. You will also have one on one support between sessions and get take-home notes/resources.

5 week program – $250



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